MoonSun Musik was established in 2013 by Michael Litresits and Pierre Jean. It was initially a division of Diplomate Audiovisuel, and was the logical continuation for Michael who had been working as a freelance musical director, tour manager, arranger and producer for the company since 2011. In 2018, the company was incorporated and firmly positioned itself as a major player in live music production, booking and studio recording. Be it for Bombardier, Lumen or Sports Experts to name a few, MoonSun Musik provides entertainment based on a catalogue of more than 150 artists based in Quebec.
In 2017, a 450 square-foot recording studio was built in our Laval office. Used for rehearsals and as a pre-production studio for artists like Corneille, Patrick Norman, Roch Voisine, Robby Johnson and Simple Plan, MoonSun’s Studio upped its game in 2020 by becoming its own company and offering music and video production services. For more information on our studio and full list of services, click here.
2020 also brought new endeavours to the fore with the addition of a music label and an artist management division to the company. With three exclusive artists already on its brand new roster, MoonSun Musik will be adding new artists throughout 2021 and plans to make its mark on the Quebec market. To find out more about the artists, click here.