Maracujá, the passion fruit, fell from its tree for the first time on the stage of the Montreal Casino in 2003. Since then, the group has become the incontestable standard bearer for Brazilian music in Montreal, with fans of their unique and energetic style that go well beyond the city’s Brazilian community. At its core, their modern sound is born out of the tangible synergy between four musicians of various rich cultural heritage: singer Elie Haroun, bassist André Faleiros, drummer Sacha Daoud, and keyboardist John Sadowy. Since its inception, Maracujá has cultivated its distinct musical signature through lyricism, improvisation, sophistication and humour. To its non traditional formation (voice, keyboards, drums, bass) sometimes appears an added musician on percussions. This well-established group performs original songs as well as a vast repertoire of carefully curated Brazilian classics, from Samba to Bossa Nova, and Samba-Funk to partido alto. In April 2016, Maracujá launched its first album, full to the brim with its recognizable melodic style. Their musical identity is unmistakeable, and their verve irresistible. The fruit is ripe, and the table is set. It’s Maracujá in bloom!



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