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Jewelle Mckenzie

Jewelle McKenzie (pronounced ju-ELLE) is an artist, songwriter, and producer, performing Soul, R&B, Pop, Jazz, and Gospel music. An unparalleled singer and accomplished performer, she has sung at over 1500 local and international shows. Her impressive performances at renowned venues across Canada and beyond, including Qatar, Guadeloupe, Morocco, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Vietnam, showcase her special ability to connect with the audience and establish an authentic connection. With her open spirit, undeniable stage presence, and extraordinary voice, Jewelle has left a lasting impact.

Jewelle has also shared the stage with Montreal artists such as Dawn Tyler Watson, Michelle Sweeney, Freddie James, Alan Prater, and Kim Richardson. She serves as the lead singer for the IMANI Gospel Singers group.

Through her CD of original compositions titled “Ain’t It Good,” Jewelle makes a bold statement, signaling that she is not seeking approval from anyone. She blends Swing, R&B, and Jazz with Gospel vocals and a touch of Rock, without compromising to pop trends, creating an eclectic style that is exclusively hers.